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Longmen milling machine

Model: 0136

Hits: 160

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Brief introduction of XK series CNC gantry milling machine

XK series CNC gantry milling machine is a fixed beam gantry milling machine. The main machine structure is a gantry frame structure with movable worktable and fixed beam. Based on the requirements of high rigidity, high precision and high reliability, the unique structural design (such as super large size specification, x-axis 4-rail structure, T-shaped ram and nut rotation structure) is adopted to ensure the perfect coordination of machine precision, rigidity and processing capacity. The workpiece can complete the vertical and horizontal processing procedures under one loading, so the production efficiency is greatly improved. In addition, the choice of various configurations enables the machine tool to complete different kinds of processing requirements, It can be widely used in automobile, aerospace, rolling stock, textile machinery, printing machinery, papermaking machinery, machine tools and other industries for CNC machining of various precision parts such as plates, boxes, frames and molds. The workpiece can be milled, bored, drilled, reamed, tapped and other processes after one-time clamping.

The company can complete from 3 meters to 8 meters gantry milling and machining center machine tool manufacturing

Special structure I

Four X-axis heavy-duty rails (produced by ia company of Germany) are adopted, with large bearing capacity, high precision and good precision maintenance performance

Special structure II

The high-precision ball screw (produced by BG company of Spain) is adopted, and the nut is used as the rotating body to solve the problem of large winding degree of the screw when the machine tool is at high speed, resulting in large changes in the accuracy of the machine tool.

The machine tool adopts a full closed-loop system with good accuracy retention.

The z-axis adopts electronic locking and nitrogen hydraulic mechanism to make the machine move and position quickly

Standard configuration

Numerical control system: fagor8055or Siemens 840sl

Δ grating scale: X / Y / Z (FAGOR) grating scale feedback system (0.1 μ m)

Semi closed splash proof shield

Cooling system installation

Centralized automatic lubrication system

Main shaft blowing device

Δ hollow screw chip conveyor screw / chain chip conveyor

△ chip collector

Work lights

Automatic power off function

Warning light at the end of work

Automatic pedal knife lock and release switch

Separated handwheel

Interface and connection of △ RS-232

Level adjustment bolt and cushion block / foundation bolt and cushion block

A set of tools and toolbox for adjustment

Operation and maintenance manual and electrical schematic diagram

Electric control box convection heat exchanger

Select configuration

Full enclosed protection

Numerical control rotary table

Multi angle milling head (handle structure) / universal milling head

Manual and automatic 90 ° milling head

Manual 30 ° milling head

Automatic tool length measuring system

Automatic workpiece measuring system

Full closed loop system with grating

Delta oil mist cooling system

Main shaft center water outlet mechanism

Δ column heightening

Delta belt 8F reducer

Δ tool magazine device

Maintenance and operation steps

Y轴ZF减速机,FAG伺服电机                       西班牙法格系统和操作台

Y轴丝杆联接                                        Y轴螺母座


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